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There are a number of common infectious diseases that dogs are susceptible to throughout their entire life. Some of these diseases are life threatening and young puppies are particularly vulnerable, so it is vitally important that your puppy is vaccinated against them at a young age.  Further vaccination is essential to ensure that your puppy continues to be healthy and happy throughout its entire life.


First vaccination (a course of vaccinations against the four main infectious diseases: Canine Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus and Leptospirosis) has been carried out at 8 weeks old, prior to you receiving your puppy, please ask your vet to use the same brand at next vaccination due at 10 weeks of age. 

We do not use or recommend using Leptospirosis4 (L4) vaccinaton due to recent noted side effects and even deaths. Please ask your vet for L2. Your vet might recommend additional vaccination at 14 or 16 weeks depending on the area you live in.


All our puppies are microchipped before leaving for their new home. It helps identify them at the vet and in any distressing situations e.g. slip the lead, run off - it gives you a chance to be reunited with your dog. From April 2016 microchipping will be a legal requirement demanded from all dog owners in the UK. If you ar looking for a local, qualified and insured microchip implanter please visit my microchipping page to arrange an appointment.


Keep the dog vaccination certificates safe as you may need to show them when at boarding kennels, dog training classes or if you take your dog abroad.  Until your puppy is fully vaccinated, you should not take it anywhere where it might come into contact with dogs or ground that may be infected, but you can take it out in your arms or the car to get it used to different places, situations and sounds.

Your puppy will also need regular worming and treatment for fleas and ticks, follow the advice of your vet. If you planning to kennel your dog while on holiday you may also want to have your dog vaccinated against kennel cough. This vaccination althought not very effective is a requiement for many boarding kennels in the UK.  Your vet can advise you on this or any alternative TITER testing.


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